Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Security Planning Mid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Security Planning Mid - Essay Example As the need for security rose, burglar alarms, armored vehicles, and security services grew to meet the demand. The middle of the 20th century saw some major changes in the role of the private security force. The returning veterans from World War II added a sense of professionalism due to their experience with high security situations (Ortmeier, 2005, p.12). In 1955, the American Society for Industrial Security was formed to assist security professionals in carrying out their duties (Ortmeier, 2005, p.12). Since that time, the federal government has encouraged the use of private security, and has maintained an active level of regulation in the industry. The role of security has changed considerably, both for public and private services. Public police forces are highly organized and effective units as compared to a century ago. Private security firms have been encouraged to take a more active role in both crime fighting and protection (Ortmeier, 2005, p.13). In today's world, people and property are under continual threat of being harmed or misappropriated. The threat may be unintentional, such as the result of an accident or natural disaster. The threat may also be intentional, as when a criminal plans to burglarize a business. Unintentional threats may come from human error that places our life or property at greater risk. In the US, fire is one of the biggest threats to property and may be caused by the intentional act of arson, or human recklessness. People and property may additionally be exposed to natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or tornadoes. Risk and threats are closely associated, as minimizing the risk can lower the threat to people and property. Risk can be inherent, where it is an ever-present component of a given situation. Risk may also be speculative. This type of risk is variable and a person makes a deliberate decision on how much risk to assume for a given outcome. The risk may also be static or active. Security organizations and personnel are charged with mitigating the various risks involved with private or business activity. Security forces may consult on methods to reduce or confront threats to people and property. This may involve the installation of technology, such as monitoring equipment or alarms. It may also be organizational by limiting access requiring security clearances. As an example, information security can be secured by computer security professionals so that it is not easily accessed or hacked into. They may also provide a physical presence on the property to guard and manage the security, and may be armed or unarmed. Private security forces may work with large corporations, or on a personal level as in the case of a bodyguard. 3.) Authority of Private Security Personnel The authority of private security personnel varies and is dependent upon the context and location of the service. It depends to some extent on the state that the service is located in, and may be contingent upon the level of training of the individual officer. On the one hand, there are restrictions on the authority that a private security officer has. On the other hand, there are fewer limitations, as they are not bound to the extreme regulatory and legal parameters that public police operate in. They have

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