Saturday, September 7, 2019

Global Business Cultural Analysis of Switzerland Research Paper

Global Business Cultural Analysis of Switzerland - Research Paper Example Switzerland is primarily a multicultural nation, despite its small size. The nation has four official languages, including German, French, Italian, and Romansch, with German as the most common language used for teaching in schools and reading of newspapers (Levin, 2002). With such a multicultural dimension, Switzerland remains a readily available prime test market for the European nations, used for the introduction of new technology products and services before such products are nationally launched to other global markets. The situation in Switzerland clearly shows that cultural diversity plays a significant role in enhancing global business, considering that the aspect of cultural diversity in Switzerland, establishes it as one of the best business hubs in the global perspective. Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in SwitzerlandSeveral major elements and dimensions of culture occur in Switzerland, each of which distinguishes people of a particular culture to another based on t heir different preferences on the dimensions. The elements and dimensions of culture in Switzerland; therefore, include communication, Religion, Ethics, Values and Attitudes, Manners, Customs, Social Structures, Organizations. Communication ideally is one of the most important aspects every cultural setting. Being a multi-lingual nation, Switzerland has four major languages German, which takes up approximately 70% of the population’s main communication language, French, Italian, and Romansh.

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