Sunday, September 8, 2019

Prison Gangs and Youth Street Gangs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Prison Gangs and Youth Street Gangs - Essay Example Prison gangs and youth street gangs are different from lifestyle to group operations. Obviously, street gangs can do the operations freely. Prison gangs don't. The latter might not be difficult to organize though; and because these people are experienced, they can think and act more grave actions. The fact that they are in prison is not a restriction to the gang. "The criminal activity of the S.T.G. does not only exist inside the confines of the walls but has flowed to the outside world."1 Such criminal acts involve money, drugs, guns, exploitation of women and children, gambling, illegal trading, and power. Compare to prison gangs, youth street gangs are popular only for misconduct actions such as bullying, vandalism or graffiti, destroying someone else's property, fighting with another street gang, etc. These acts are considered unscrupulous and disgraceful but not notorious. However, guidance of elders is highly advisable because once these kids be tolerated; they might end up getting more serious troubles that could lead them in a series of crimes.

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