Friday, September 27, 2019

Principles of Effective Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Principles of Effective Leadership - Essay Example From the essay it is clear that for missions to succeed, especially in times of uncertainty, ambiguity, and adversity, leaders must live and conduct all their activities so that others may look them squarely in the eye knowing that they are associating with and placing their trust in an honorable individual. As the paper declares leaders exert themselves to promote the well-being of others. They do something or stand ready to do something for others. They develop self-reliance in others so that they can become effective members of an interdependent team. Self-reliance means that a staff member does not need the presence of the boss to carry out the tactical and operational elements of his or her own job. As a leader, one should state the job to be done but leave it to one’s subordinate to recommend the methods that will accomplish the desired results, at the time required, with due regard for costs. If one wants to lead people, one has to communicate information directly and honestly. One cannot hem and haw or water down the truth. One has to keep one’s people and the people to whom one reports, grounded in the reality of one’s situation. Many women, especially, respect the social value of an indirect approach to problems, and this places them at a disadvantage in le adership situations. If one has trouble with the direct approach, one should put one’s points in writing, structuring them so that when one goes into a meeting, one can use one’s notes as an aid until one feels comfortable in delivering verbal reports without them.

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