Friday, February 14, 2020

Political Liberalization in Burma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Political Liberalization in Burma - Essay Example Burma, like many African countries, was ruled by the British for almost a century and inherited structures, and institutional set-up of the free market and parliamentary democracy but could not take advantage of this to advance its political and economic situation (Egreteau 470). This paper will study the deficiency of the military rule in Burma and try to make useful recommendations on how the government can improve the country’s political, economic and social situation through democratic governance. The study will also explore and identify means by which the international community could help the country come up with the most appropriate forms of assistance and interventions to sustain a stable democracy, though, there needs to be some effort in putting in place transitional governance to allow for external leveraging. Burma’s strengths as a country in supporting the building of social, economic, legal, and governmental institutions will also be discussed (Selth 15). A country that does not have a reliable economic structure, strong and tolerant civil institutions will usually impend transition to democratic governance and create room for anarchy as well as an autocratic rule. Burma has since 19901 been struggling to move out of a stubborn military regime to form a credible government and aim to attract international economic and humanitarian assistance into the country. Even with a successful attempt for regime change in 1990, the country did not manage to usher in a new age of pluralistic rule through democracy and empowerment of the civil society. This was because there have been decades of politically brutal and economically unfavorable military rule, which has left the civil society and the population in murky waters in terms of development (Brown 732).  

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The disadvantages and advantages for study outside your country Essay

The disadvantages and advantages for study outside your country - Essay Example This paper presents an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad, experiences faced by a majority of students. There are numerous advantages associated with studying abroad. First, since learning takes place in a different environment, one interacts with people of different cultures. This is beneficial since the student is able to understand the cultures and how best to cope with it, which is very essential at workplace. As such, the student will have smooth interaction with his/her fellow workmates in future. Secondly, the student is able to gather experience, as well as practice independence, which prepares them from school life to adulthood. Thirdly, the student may be forced to learn a foreign language, which might be an added advantage in securing different assignments in future. Fourth, while studying abroad, one can work in part-time job, which raises some money meeting personal expenses and might be an opening to a better paying job, in future. There are numerous disadvantages associated with studying abroad. First, the standard of living in these countries is usually high, which makes the students spend high amounts of money in meeting their basic needs. As such, the student has to request more funds from family members as well as undertake part-time jobs. Secondly, cultural shock resulting from different food stuffs, language and custom are evident and may take long before the students adapt; thus, making them home sick. Thirdly, being in a foreign country, there are few individuals who are willing to take care of a foreign individual once s/he is sick. As such, s/he may not avail the best treatment, based on the health care issue. Fourthly, if the study period is long, students might lose their culture and adopt the new one, which might make it challenging for him/her to perform optimally once they get back to their home country. Personally, I do agree that both advantages and