Thursday, September 26, 2019

CONVERSING WITH TWO OR MORE WRITERS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

CONVERSING WITH TWO OR MORE WRITERS - Essay Example Although Matt Miller and Susan Headden appear to be making two different points, they actually agree that the American education system demands a degree of standardization. Matt Miller’s arguments concerns with reforms that encompass every part of education. Unlike Susan Headden, he makes an argument stretching beyond assessments. In the beginning of his article, Matt Miller gives the example of a nationalistic figure, Horace Mann, in advancing his thesis (Miller 1). He cites Horace’s ideas of developing common schools that would thrive on public funding and attendance by all students. His arguments stretch over the whole spectrum of American educational landscape by arguing that the curriculum should face national management. On the other hand, Susan believes that lack of standardized assessment deters the progress of education (Headden 1). She states that it is difficult to make educational policies if stakeholders do not have adequate representation of the real system. Both authors agree that financial inequity and limited finances are responsible for the problems stalling the progress of the American educational system. Matt argues that America has a regressive tax system that offers more benefits to the rich than it offers to the less privileged individuals. This means that the rich individuals have limited proportion of their wealth in tax form while the poor have a large proportion of their wealth in taxes. This creates an educational implication on communities while raising funds for schools. Schools in rich neighborhoods can easily raise more funds per pupil since the rich possess significant wealth in high-value property. On the other hand, segregated communities cannot easily raise proper funds in terms of dollars per pupil. Since taxes represent a sizeable percentage of school funding, poor schools faces difficulties in raising funds for essential activities such as

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