Friday, October 4, 2019

Medieval Christianity and Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Medieval Christianity and Islam - Essay Example The kingdom split into three in the late 6th century. Great leaders like Charlemagne ruled over the kingdom before its collapse (Watson, 2003). The Frankish kingdom was a Christian dominated the western European region during the middle ages. The church played an important role in leadership and redesigning of the kingdom. Their major concept was to spread the Christianity across the kingdom and fight the insurgent of the Moore and other Islamic kingdom. Christianity was used as a toll to unite the kingdom (Moore, 2011). Christianity dictated upon the nature of leadership. Religion was also a tool in designing the initial laws. Leaders such as Charles where made strong through religion. The Scottish missionaries played an important role in shaping the Frankish kingdom as a fully-fledged Christian kingdom (Moore, 2011). Religious rulers characterized the Al-Andalus region. In this case, the main religion was Islam. The nature of ruling was driven by the Islamic culture brought about by the Tariq during the European conquest. Spain becomes a Muslim state after Ar- Rahman is inaugurated the ruler of Cordoba. Leadership was religious based (Watson, 2003). The ideologies being spread at the then reign was driven by the Arabic culture. The purpose was to spread Islam throughout the region with the focus being Spain. The reign lasted until 1490s AD when the last religious leader surrendered to the Romans and the Frankish. Religion laid the basis of the then laws and leadership (Watson, 2003). Both Christianity and Islam dominated Europe during the 6th century. The manner in which religion played part in matters administration differed. Religion was a pillar stone to each kingdom. The Franks were Christian dominated while Muslims dominated the Al-Andalus era. The nature of administration differed (Watson, 2003). In the Islamic region, the concept of conversion was note encouraged in that the tax differences made it

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