Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 6

Globalization - Essay Example Only on the first issue can one reasonably argue that the purported center of economic representations - mainstream academic economics - plays a leading role in the debate. And, even then, the free trade, pro-globalisation orthodoxy that, with few exceptions, has predominated within mainstream economics for generations has been contested in all three areas: within the discipline of economics, in other academic disciplines, and outside the academy. Another important question is how abrupt the future changes will be. Abrupt climate change generally refers to a large shift of climate that takes place so rapidly and unexpectedly that human and/or natural ecosystems have difficulty to adapt. Globalisation has increased migration, which resulted in deforestation and global warming. Since 1850 A.D. the climate is dominated by a clear steady warming trend, which has become known as global warming. This warming is particularly noteworthy because the rate of temperature increase is enormously high. In addition, the recent 50-100 years have been the time of unprecedented growth of human activities, accompanied by industrialisation, massive deforestation, and other human interferences with the nature with a thoughtful (harmful) effect on the environment. The natural agents, exerting their influence upon climate has been thus recruiting with a new powerful mean to produce sizeable changes in the climate. One of the essential problems of the present days is to answer the question to what degree the mankind may be responsible for the present-day climate warming. Is the observed global warming just of natural origin, or does it have certain anthropogenic component Is the fact that the climate is getting warmer the result of human insensitive approach to its habitat Is this warming to continue in the future and how serious are the potential environmental consequences If so, the problem of the worldwide increasing air temperature comes to an end as the strictly scientific discipline, but became the uneasy task for everybody on this planet. For about the last decade, there has been an ongoing debate on the contribution of human activities to the global warming of the past century and especially on how anthropogenic activity will contribute to further warming that may occur during the twenty-first century. What is the physical basis for the fear of human-induced changes Similarly to other living organisms in all epochs, the mankind has influenced surrounding environment. However, an impact of human activities has drastically increased after the Industrial Revolution that began in the mid-eighteenth century in the UK and at the present time embraces the continental and/or global scales. The industrial revolution began with the invention of the steam engine. The most important human activities at present that may have an impact on both regional and global climate are connected with: 1. the combustion of fossil fuels and the biomass burning that produce GHG, 2. the

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