Friday, October 18, 2019

Basic Network Technology, Structure, and Protocols Essay

Basic Network Technology, Structure, and Protocols - Essay Example This is not excusable in the 21st century hence looking at the basic or fundamental things that an individual should know is imperative. Computer networks have been used in sharing resources and data as well as for communication purposes. In order for one to have optimized performance, maintenance, data protection, security and improved reliability knowing the basics of the computer networks is of utmost importance. This paper outlines most of the things that a computer user needs to know. Computer networks security For any computer network, security is of utmost importance. Computer networks are always vulnerable to a number of security related threats which could be either external or internal. These include spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, web worms, hackers, adware, intruders and root kits. These security threats have a number of negative threats. Some of them impair certain computer applications and programs while others may modify, delete or corrupt files thereby making them in accessible. They may also attack the data that you have in the hard disk causing it to crash hence necessitating reformatting. While some may not necessarily harm the system’s integrity, they will always consume the system memory thereby slowing it down significantly. In some cases, you have computer malware which reinstalls itself in the computer system even when you have uninstalled them. Evidently, computer malware would have adverse effects on the computer networks. In this case, it is always important that an individual has a clear understanding as to the ways in which the computer security could be supplemented. There are several ways in which this could be done; they include installation of antivirus software, regularly updating the anti-malware programs and having the whole system scanned. Knowing about the security of the computer networks allows individuals to keep their data and resources protected. In addition, they would keep their systems functioning in an optim um manner in which case maximization of output from the computer network will be the direct result. While there may not be a standard way of teaching individuals about the security aspect of the computer networks, I think that the best way to tech people about hem is to outline the threats posed to computer networks, the effects and the best way to safeguard the network against such threats. Computer networks connectivity issues As stated earlier, computer networking is all about communication and sharing of data and other resources. This would only be accomplished when there is the appropriate connectivity. However, many are times when the connectivity of a computer network is impeded by varied factors. Connectivity problems emanate from faulty hardware, devices conflicts, improper configurations, faulty connectors or cables and even outdated drivers of the LAN card. This would call for troubleshooting by scanning the computer for spyware or viruses, checking the LAN card configura tions and updating its drivers, properly inserting the STP/UTP cable or even replacing the LAN card then reconfiguring it. Software troubleshooting issues For any computer system, software plays a very vital role in the whole operation process. Right from the operating system to the drivers, software and programs, their importance cannot be understated. This underlines the fact that when they are not operating in the appropriate manner, the whole system

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