Friday, August 2, 2019

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Earth I heard of this place not too long ago. I can’t quite remember what it was called. It is a place where it is forever dark and it is ruled by something or someone extraordinarily powerful. In this place, humans walk alongside with gargoyles, beasts and ogres where humans are the inferiors. There is no sun or stars or moon, nor is there day or night. There is no democracy. Humans are the slaves and are treated like animals, men and women alike. Humans aren’t allowed to speak out, Laugh or even smile or they will be severely punished. They live in a nightmare society. The land is engulfed in darkness. There is no electricity, no roads, no transportation, no houses, no communication, no nothing. There is fire. That is all they have to bring light to the place. The beasts live in giant homes or shelters made of anything they can find. The beasts are absolutely horrid creatures. They are nothing like you or I have ever seen before, not even in horror films. They are not like anything you could ever even imagine. Their faces are mangled and deformed. They are decrepit figures who do not walk but drag themselves from place to place. Humans do not roam freely. They are shackled together by long chains that go on forever. They are pets. They do not get shelter and they barely receive enough food or water to survive. They are given the rotten leftovers and bones to pick at. When I speak of bones, I am talking about human bones. Not the bones of pig or cow, they do not exist. The beasts find humans very useful indeed. They believe that humans are extremely simple-minded which, in result, makes them good slaves. They tend to the crops and pick the fruit, which is all done in a very specific manner. If it is not done correctly, those slaves will be thrown into the pit. Humans are used to pull wagons and sleds. They build all of the huts and shelters needed for the beasts. They cook and clean and are used as personal slaves as well, if you know what I mean. When the humans become too old to use for physical labor, they are either eaten by the beasts or thrown to the pit for the rest of their lives. The beasts are very intelligent creatures. They would never want to run out of humans, so they had cages made.

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