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Choose two composers from two different musical time periods Research Paper

Choose two composers from two different musical time periods (Renaissance, classical, etc then compare their upbringing, education, legacy and musical compositions - Research Paper Example The earliest signs of Renaissance music appeared in the early 15th century. On the other hand, both the Classical and Renaissance periods were characterized by a lot of composers. In light of this, the paper will focus on analyzing the upbringing, education, legacy and musical compositions of Giovanni Gabrieli (Renaissance era composer) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Classical era composer). Giovanni Gabrieli was an influential Italian organist, composer and teacher during the Renaissance period. He is primarily acknowledged for his holy/sacred music which includes instrumental motets and a massive choral work for the liturgy of the church (Kenton, 1967). Venice is Gabrieli’s birth place. His father hailed from Carnia and moved to Venice before the birth of Giovanni. Giovanni studied under his uncle (Andrea Gabrieli) who was himself a composer. In fact, it is believed that his uncle brought him up since Giovanni commonly referred himself as his uncle’s son. Next, he studied with Orlando de Lassus in Munich at Duke Albert v’s court. Consequently, Lassus had a great impact on Gabrieli’s music. In 1585, Gabrieli became Saint Mark’s Basilica’s main organist after the post was left vacant by the exit of Claudio Merulo. Also, he became the principal composer after the demise of his uncle. Subsequently, Giovanni commenced editing and compiling his uncle’s work who had no inclination or urge to publish his work. Thus, he saved his uncle’s work which otherwise would have been lost (Charteris, 1987). Additionally, Giovanni became an organist at Scuola Grande di San Rocco; a post he held for his whole life. This post contributed positively to his musical career since San Rocco was among the most wealthy and prestigious Venetian confraternities. The San Rocco organization was utilized by renowned composers who often performed there. A vivid description of the

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