Sunday, August 25, 2019

Business Intelligence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Intelligence - Essay Example Thus, business intelligence allows an enterprise to generate data related to the enterprise customers, competition and internal functions, to be able to predict and plan for the future performance of the business (Stackowiak, Rayman & Greenwald, 2007:27). Business Intelligence allows an enterprise to generate significant data that points at both the enterprise trend and the general business trend in the industry that an enterprise serves. Thus, through the use of the Business Intelligence techniques, it becomes possible for an enterprise to make more accurate decisions. For example, Business Intelligence helps in reaching managerial decisions regarding the appropriate tactical and strategic managerial decisions, customer satisfaction improvement, as well as determining the right supply and distribution channels or entry strategy into a specific market segment (Inmon, 1999:42). The most common types of Business Intelligence techniques that are applied by businesses include the data mi ning techniques, statistical analysis, online analytical processing (OLAP), forecasting techniques and the basic query and reporting technique (Stackowiak, Rayman & Greenwald, 2007:21). Apple Inc. is a USA based computer and electronic manufacturing multinational company that was established in 1976 (Linzmayer, 1999:14). This company has served as the model for numerous case studies into both innovation and management efficiency, for its role in transforming a potentially small home-based computer manufacturing garage into a leading giant multi-national corporation in the global computer and manufacturing industry. Thus, the company deals in the business of manufacture and sale of computers and related computer products, computer software, electronics and also offer of various online services such as music, software and apps retail services

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