Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Curbing College Drinking Essay Essay

Curbing College alcohol addictionThe consequences of college binge drunkenness are more destructive and life- changing than pupils realize. In the article Curbing College Drinking Starts with a Change in Attitude, by Sara Fritz, published in Pearsons The trenchant Reader in 2011, the author explains the problems resulting from lush drawing on college campuses. Due to the distressfulness of drinking, colleges find, it will take the combined elbow grease of parents, students, and college staff to accomplish the best curiosity result.Fritz begins her article exploring the issues that arise within college campuses when college students drink in excess. With much time invested as a college trustee and through many a(prenominal) long discussions with students, Fritz is discouraged to discover that students arent win over of the severity stating our parents drank making it seem as just a stage that unrivaled goes through. It doesnt stop thereas scientists study the problem, th ey desire the entire student population must be changed. Also, they believe the college enviroment must be changed in rear to revolutionize at risk drinkers. Although Fritz appreciates the efforts of the scientists and commends them on their work, the findings were inconclusive.Fritz provides many facts and opinions in her attempt to stock the lectors of the severity of drinking on college campuses and ship canal to solve the growing issue. She expresses her disgust when she sardonically states What a concept Clearly frustrated, the reader can then be convert that its been a long standing involution within the college and within her career. With little to no progress, Fritz remains bitter.After reading this article, I agree that college drinking is a soundissue. Fritz offered many good ideas for finding a solution to the problem. Through her personal experiences as a college trustee, she has witnessed, first hand, the tragic effect of college drinking. Perhaps, as parents, we should focus on explaining the dangers of drinking to our children. It may be helpful if we associate to them on the issue, rather than pretending its something we have no experience with. I hope that one day a solution will be lay out to this growing problem.

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