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Challenges of Youths in Our Contemporary World

Challenges of Youths in Our Contemporary World

CHALLENGES OF YOUTHS IN A MODERN WORLD The Longman Modern English Dictionary defines youth as â€Å"the state or quality of being young, the period from childhood to maturity; young people of both sexes†. A youth is characterized by features such as youngness, restlessness, strength, independence, curiosity; search fro greatness, vigor good, health etc. Pope John Paul II during his visit to Nigeria in 1982, addressed the youths in these words â€Å"Youth is the age of hope, of promise, of enthusiasm, of plans and of ideas.Youth does not want to give up in the face of difficulties†¦ Youth believes in a better world and is determined to do something to help bring it about†.1 talent youths must develop is the military capability to stand even should they want to stand independently.In the church, the youths have the responsibility of evangelizing. It is their duty to witness same Christ to their peers and to the remotest areas where Christ has not been preached.An thony Aja, quoting the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II wrote: â€Å"The Church needs your energies, your enthusiasm; your youthful ideas in order to make the Gospel of life penetrate the fabric of the society†. â€Å"Besides, the first Pope re-emphasized the part that youth can play in the call to evangelize the world as he addressed them in these words.Youths occasionally appear to forget this.

To be good evangelizer, witnessing must be accompanied by good example, being like Christ in all ramification. The bible recorded many same dynamic youths worthy of emulation. Two of such youths will be considered in this text. They are Joseph and David.Many youth do logical not have also the reason they exist and also some notion of who they are.How about you? He hated sin. He successfully resisted the temptation from his master’s wife. To the sin-laden second wife of his master Portipha, he asked, â€Å"how can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God†? (Gen. 39:9).Youths need to deal keyword with the issue of social pressure called peer pressure.

Titus 2:11-12. David the son of Jesse, the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse, rose and worked marvels good for god right from his youth. He killed a lion, a bear and conquered the veteran warrior Goliath. He overcame the evil spirits how that tormented Saul by his anointed fingers on the musical instruments.Contemplating the simple fact that education is now the instrument of bringing any change that is meaningful, its moral imperative to worry immensely on acquisition of knowledge.Challenges Facing the Youth Today The general state of youth reveals spirituals, social and psychological crises and confusion.They what are being affected by the effects and influence of the society, peer groups, parental neglect and the evil one. Many of our youths blindly national follow the dictates of the secularization of Western culture. The effects of secularism on most people have even made them argue that churches should accepts the society’s new directions.To find additional infor mation, last visit youthspecialties.

However, they forget to recognize that this stage is important and transitory – a stage between childhood and adulthood. Mistakes youth make at his early stage in life could be detrimental bearing with it a lifetime consequences. For example, Youths who take to armed robbery, prostitution, drug trafficking, political thruggery, and all manner of violent practices carry over such nefarious activities from their youthful stage into adulthood.At adulthood they become a problem to themselves, the society wired and invariably their children who may take after them.That adults, together with youths.Flee from all evil desires and run after righteous. Many of how our youths are compromising with worldly ideals. Compromise with the world brings corruption. It destroys the child of God’s testimony and makes his light grow dim.Suggest dilute solutions to every one.

However, the challenges facing our youths (Christian youth) is how to use them without abusing them. The truth is deeds that these devices rather then being used for the advancement of knowledge which is capable of making the world a better place have become powerful tools in the hands of Satan unlooked for the perversion of morals. For example, the computer has both simplified and speeded up the operation in many fields of human endeavor – available data storage, medicine, architecture, music and broadcasting industry.These are interactive computer software for learning of virtually any subject.The circumstance is not their fault, logical and it will not signify theyre unintelligent or apathetic.Sources of information and different educational operations are now available on the internet. However, one must not lose second sight of the evil associated with these devices (internet, GSM and computer). Many (including children, youth and even older people) are introduced to do world of deceit, indecency, immorality crime, sexual perversions, violence and many other vices through the use of these inventions of modern technology. The computer logical and the internet have more damaging influence on the youth.It may not do great to mention it, but it.

This a leading to a dramatic decline in the academic performance of the youth and a high rate of unproductively of the youth in all spheres of life.Wise parents should rise up to this challenge, and set up corrective measures to arrest this trend of self – destruction of the youth. 2. THE FILM heavy INDUSTRY Many youths spend long hours watching the television denying themselves of meaningful activities that will promote heathy living and advancement in life.Nearly all how them exist just because they can breathe.What about movies dominated with violent operations?. This negates God peaceful co-existence among men. Parents must therefore rise up to control what their children watch on the television. 3.Ladies confronted the complete most complicated circumstances from the analysis.

Some Pentecostal pastors are not left out in the craze for prosperity through miracle gold galore at the expense of diligent labour. 4. SEARCH FOR GREENER PASTURE Many youths run the risk of searching for illegal means to go out of this country for better life. Experiences of those who attempted leaving this country reveal the agony many had to go though traveling through waste land to cross over to their â€Å"promised land†.Parents arent perfect.Youths from such homes run away from home, get involved in all forms of crimes such as 419, armed robbery, thuggery, prostitution or hired assassions.Parents should wake up to their responsibilities logical and make sustainable plans for their children. 6. INDECENT DRESSING AMONG YOUTHS We have been wonderfully made by God.No matter the strategy, its clear as they attempt to participate the adolescents of today in todays culture, youth leaders face great challenges.

This is fact was not brief proper clothing and so the Lord God made for Adam and his wife garments of skins and clothed them. This implies deeds that the lord God covered their nakedness.Therefore, any clothing that does not cover the body fully is an indecent cloth. Let us also consider the demoniac in St.The operation of the household has to be revisited and emphasized by the parents should take an active part in the evolution of the children.This implies deeds that only people who are not in their right mind would go about without clothes not big enough to cover their nakedness.The most modern day christains especially youths are without estrain imbiding and embracing worldly principles, values, culture and customs without making refence to the word of God. The bible says: â€Å"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the father is not in him.The terrible news is these issues.

However, they forget that there is a link between the state of man’s heart and the outward appearance. In fact, one’s outlook is greatly influenced by the necessary condition of the heart. It is not uncommon today to find different kinds of immodest and indecent dressed worn by the majority of young people and some older people in the society, even in the church of God. These ladies wear transparent and body hugged clothes under the guise of fashion and civilization.Preachers and elders arent perfect.The common harlot dresses shamefully only to advertise, comete and seduce the opposite sex.They wear revealing clothes which create in men some immoral desires. Mini-skirts are symbolic of those ladies who want to seduce men. Every mini-skirt is a fuel that sets the mind of a man to imagine the most debased thoughts.Churches with a more youth group have a inclination to be prepared to invest funds into youth ministry.

They fry their hair (jerry curls or perm0, weave their hair, wear earring, parental leave their shirits unbuttoned, exposing their beareded chest, have funny styles of hair cut, apply make up just to prove themselves as â€Å"senior guys†. 7. Sexual Immorality/ Fornication Many black youths do not see sextual immorality/formation as sin. They see it as a way of expressing their love to a person of the opposite sex.Youngsters will great need to realize that life is a ride.Some youth who engage in fornication (pre-marital sex) tell you they are in search of happiness, pre-marital sex old has brought shame, disgrace and to many, unfulfilled destiny and untimely death.According to Ibid: Pre-marital sex has many adverse effects surrounding it. By so doing expose themselves to many risks such as: pregnancy, abortion, death, death, veneral disease, fear, shame, disrespect, sterility, uncompleted career are grievous sins against God, your creator. These are what we risk ourselve s for, Just a mere pleasure which does not last.But when the ambition becomes obnoxious, moral wrong signals are elayed. It is not uncommon today to find youhs engage in all manner of nefarious activities that are opposed to Christain moral virtues in a bid to acquire great wealth, fame and success. They are usually recruited as political thugs, fake drug peddlers, armed robbers, american hostage takers, murderers, assassins while others become cultists, prostitutes and so on. Some become involved in dubious and undefiled business.

Anything contrary leads to hellfire. 9. Peer Group Influence Many Youth have been led astray by those they regard as friends. The influences of peers can bring about a positive or a negative change in one’s life.John Chidi once classified friendship into 3: 1. Friendship based on unity 2. Friendship based on Sexual pleasure 3. Good griendship Youth should be encouraged to get involved in good friendship I =n which a man and a woman can be close friends without any sexual intercourse whatsoever.The musical instrument sound than the wordings as obtained in worldly music. Such songs do not give any inspiration, and it lacks modesty and moderation. So also is the obscene little dance that accompanies the music.Flee from such music and from every apprearance of evil.Many parents have lost inetrest in investing into education of their children. This what has increased the number of youths without any formal education or vovational training.One sees them in high dense areas/cit ies milling around motor parks, marj=ket places, in hide outs, practically doing nothing meaningful. Their daily existence depend on how much they can steal, extort from people or just waste away.

12. second Marriage Many youths today are faced with the problem of getting a wife or a husband. This could be attributed to a number of factors such as parental influence or control, self, sin and the devil. Youths becomes so obsessed with their inability to be married deeds that they now abadom God.The youth who desires life and the fruits of happy life must desire God and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Seek first the kingdom of God and all its righteous and all other things will be added unto you (Matt. 6:33). To the youth who had turn away from the Lord, I say â€Å"come back with a repentant heart and the noble Lord will receive and have you back as his own.You are to stay unpolluted and unperturbed in the constantly changing world where you dwell.The unchanging true God will substain you, for he has said. :For I am the Lord, I change not† (Malachi 3:6). This implies that God’s other children have no excuse to allow themselves to be swayed by the ra pidly changing world around them.. Must be resolved to live a holy life. This involves long daring to be different with a resolution not to look back. 4.

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